Know Us

Hey everyone

This is Mariah Winston and I am from Delaware, US.

I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and started teaching from home about 4 years back now and only recently opened my first yoga studio that has seen and increased number of students lately.

Yoga has been picking up in the US and more number of people are turning to it. Some to keep injuries away, some to stay young and fit and while some to get away from the stress of day to life.

For weight loss, don’t forget to check this one out

5 Yoga Poses to shed the extra Pounds

Irrespective of your goal yoga is the answer and through my blog I want inspire more people to come and join the community and feel the difference.

You can write to us all your question through the contact page. We would also like to hear your feedback or if you have a story to help inspire others do share with us.