3 Ways Yoga helped me change my Thinking

A lot of people think Yoga is a waste of time or that it doesn’t have any benefits apart from the physical ones. But yoga isn’t all about staying fit and healthy, yoga helps you with facing various adversities in your life and brings a peace and calmness which was previously lacking. But how could yoga be so life-changing you ask?

Here are 3 ways which will help you understand how yoga can be one of the most motivational things in your life, altering your life forever:

I Found inner peace

Yes, as clichéd at it sounds yoga has proven to be the best tool to rein in your over complicated mind and release you from all the drama which is ruining your whole outlook on life. People are messy and tend to overthink about some basic stuff and as a result, some of the simplest situations prove too demanding for us and we end up losing our peaceful nights over it.

Yoga helps you in regaining your peace and serenity. When you are just focused on your breathing and cut off from your outer surroundings, you realize you have been chasing the wrong solutions in your life. You understand that your current situation isn’t really hard, you are being bothered by it without any reason. Hence you gain back your calmness and find peace with your situation.

Next time if you are worried about an assignment deadline or exams coming up or break up problem, just take up yoga for some time and you will notice that you are now in peace with these situations, you aren’t going to let them overcome you.

I started Living in the present

A lot of us have the habit of either living in the past or the future, we ignore the present and hence regret it in the future, thus entering into a form of loop.

Yoga teaches you how to keep your mind in the present and not waste time on things that have already happened and things which might happen. It’s the present which is important and you learn just that with the help of yoga.

Yoga makes you aware of your present and makes you ask questions like “Is this going to still bother me after 5 minutes?” and if your answer is a No, you realize that there is no reason to waste time on feeling anxious or angry about it. Yoga is all about the present, probably one of the most important lessons we need to learn in life.

I Gave back to others

It’s easier than it sounds once you are at peace with yourself. Once you have understood the importance of living in the present and attaining that Zen state of mind, you find you have more time to help others and give back what you were given from nature.

Yoga helps you assess your current situation and realize it’s not that bad and once you find that you have time on your hand which doesn’t involve worrying about useless details anymore, you decide to utilize your time to the fullest and help others to reach this same state of mind which is proving to be helpful to you.

So, yet again yoga helps in making you a more empathetic and sympathetic person who thinks it is good and fulfilling to give back.

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